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Terms and conditions

1. Scope
  • These terms and conditions apply to all contracts of the Hotel & Wirtshaus Pfaffenmühle.
  • All agreements between the Hotel & Wirtshaus Pfaffenmühle and the other party shall be in writing. Legally binding in doubt is the confirmation of the hotel.
  • The written form is also available if the correspondence is via e-mail. The other party shall give his name, first name and full address transmitted.
  • Terms and conditions of the customer / contractor shall not apply.
2.General Part
  • Jurisdiction and performance is Aschaffenburg. This applies also for checks and bills.Our prices are non-binding. Orders, reservations and agreements are binding only after written confirmation by the Hotel & Wirtshaus Pfaffenmühle for us.
  • For poor performance of our contractual obligations by us, including the cases of impotence, inability or delay, we pay compensation only in cases of intent or gross negligence. Our potential liability is limited to 10% of the value of the relevant part of our performance. The limitation period for all claims of the customer six months.
  • May have been against our payment claims are only offset with counterclaims if the counterclaim is granted or legally. Lien against us, as far as law allows.
3. Special Section
  • The lodging agreement (lease) is completed as soon as the room has been committed or ordered or provided. The conclusion of the accommodation contract (lease) requires the contractor to fulfill the contract been completed regardless of the duration of the contract. The contract can not be solved unilaterally. Option dates are binding for both parties.
  • The under-or re-letting of rooms and their use for purposes other than accommodation need the prior written consent of the Hotel & Wirtshaus Pfaffenmühle.
  • If the right to withdraw the customer within a certain period was agreed upon, the Hotel & Wirtshaus Pfaffenmühle in this period is likewise entitled to rescind the contract if there are inquiries from other customers regarding the contractually reserved rooms and the customer when asked by the Hotel & Wirtshaus Pfaffenmühle not waived his right to resign.
  • For bookings or cancellations of reserved rooms will be charged:
    • Cancellation between 21 and 10 Days before: 20% of the contracted power / at least 10, - €
    • Cancellation between 10 and 02 Days before: 40% of the contracted power
    • Cancellation within 48 hours prior to arrival: 80% of the contracted power.
    • The cancellation fees are reduced by the amount of lodging that can be achieved by the Guest Room ordered to date.

  • The customer is not entitled to specific rooms. If a agreed room, isn't for whatever reason, available, we are committed for a suitable replacement if necessary outside of the house, as it is reasonable to take care.
  • The customer or visitor assumes all liability for goods or materials which he left in publicly accessible areas of the Hotel & Wirtshaus Pfaffenmühle. In the room a liability can only be transferred if they are personal property of the customer, he needs at the time of effective use of the room. For valuable items, jewelry, cash, etc. There is no liability. Otherwise, the statutory provisions.
  • If the customer needs a parking space , even if a charge is made available, this does not constitute a safekeeping agreement. For loss or damage on the hotel property and motor vehicles parked or the contents thereof, the Hotel & Wirtshaus Pfaffenmühle not, except for willful misconduct or gross negligence. This also applies to agents of the Hotel & Wirtshaus Pfaffenmühle.
Arrival and departure times
  • Monday to Saturday between 16-21 clock. Sundays and public holidays 16-21 clock. (Special agreement possible in the time between 21-01 clock.) For arrivals after 23 clock we ask for your understanding that we will charge a special fee of € 10 and from 0:00 clock in the amount of 20 €.
  • On the agreed day of departure the rooms must be vacated no later than 11:00 clock. After that, the Hotel & Wirtshaus Pfaffenmühle entitled to claim on the outside for the additional use of the room until 18.00 clock 50% of the full price (list price) in account 100% from 18.00 clock. The customer is free to the Hotel & Wirtshaus Pfaffenmühle prove that it is incurred no or much lesser damages.

Aschaffenburg, March 2010